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I guess I need to start this post with the disclaimer that I have only been to/seen a game at 10 different MLB stadiums, so I guess we could consider this the “Everyone Gets a Ribbon” Top 10 MLB Stadium Countdown. Being from MN, any chance to view an outdoor game was appealing during those Metrodome years. My parents candidly recall my first game at the Metrodome where I promptly asked where the windows were. Over the past few years, I have been fortunate to travel to visit some of baseball’s most famous and historic ball parks…and US Cellular Field. Let the countdown begin.

US Cellular Field Chicago White Sox

10. US Cellular Field

Notably this was the first outdoor game I ever attended and was able to see the White Sox take on the Twins. Looking back, there is really nothing remotely interesting about this park other than the fact that it did not have a roof. You get a nice view of downtown from the top level concourse, but other than that the park was not much more. I went to the game with a Chicagoan and other than the traditional Chicago Dog we ate, there wasn’t much. Transport to and from the game was easy using the red line, but overall was a ho-hum experience.

Miller Park Milwaukee Brewers

9. Miller Park

I attended 2 games at Miller Park while the Twins were in town a couple of years back. Before arrival, I was told by many how I would love Miller Park. Overall, I was underwhelmed. When pulling into the lot, you forget how much Wisconsinites love to tail gate. The parking lot was actually a very fun atmosphere, especially playing against a border rival (if you would call them rivals since the Brewers switched over to the National League in 1998). When in Wisconsin, the brat and beer are a must. The field does also have a TGI Fridays in the outfield. If you are lucky enough, they have patio seating overlooking right field. We arrived early to the Saturday Day game and ate there, it was nice. I was able to see games with both the roof open and closed. If you are going to a day game, the right field bleachers are in the sun, so plan accordingly. A lot of concrete, some glass, and a slide for Bernie the Brewer to go down when the home squad hits a home run.

Kauffman Stadium Kansas City Royals

8. Kauffman Stadium

After being in town on business I was able to attend a Royals and Orioles game at Kauffman Stadium. This was after the major renovation was completed on both Arrowhead Stadium and Kauffman Stadium. For those who haven’t been there; Arrowhead Stadium (home of the Kansas City Chiefs) and Kauffman Stadium are side by side making up the Truman Sports Complex. I had been to Arrowhead before and after the renovations and they were very evident! I grew up always interested in seeing the Waterfall in the outfield in Kansas City as George Brett, Kevin Seitzer, Bret Saberhagen always gave my Twins fits. Kansas City also housed a hometown local, Jim Eisenreich who played there from 1987-1992. It was a gorgeous night in KC to enjoy a game, but upon exiting I had parking lot security next to my rental car as there were a bunch of smash and grabs in the parking lot that night. Luckily my rental Toyota was next to a Corvette..needless to say my car was OK! Fun place to watch a game. Bought seats from a scalper in the parking lot. Fans were knowledgeable of the game.

Coors Field Colorado Rockies

7. Coors Field

Not sure why Coors Field is so low, but maybe it’s because most of these other stadiums I’ve been to have been more recent. Went to Coors in early April. In typical Denver fashion, it was 70 degrees the day before we went to the game and 40 degrees on game day! I love Denver. The ballpark is located in an area with lots of surrounding bars and restaurants. We went to the Breckenridge Brewery locatedĀ  a few blocks from the stadium on the first base side. Great food and beer. I was able to acquire first row seats on the third base line for this game to see the Rockies and Dodgers. I’ve never sat so close before and had the tarp in front of us. Despite being cold, the game was fun. The stadium houses the rock pile and offers cheap game tickets. The field has an open concourse allowing great views from the concourse level. The ushers were very helpful and even snapped a shot of my wife and I with the scoreboard in the background. I enjoyed Coors a lot and would love to go back.


I will continue the countdown over the next couple of weeks……

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