Stub Story: Wrigley Field

June Wigley Stub13, 2009
Chicago Cubs vs. Minnesota Twins
Wrigley Field
Chicago, IL

This stub has many meanings to me and my family. My wife and I love the city of Chicago. Living in Minnesota, it is a short flight and we love the culture, shopping, and sporting opportunities that Chicago provides. This weekend in particular was my wife’s (then my girlfriend’s) birthday. I had the weekend planned with primarily cultural activities and shopping, but my Twins were in town to take on the Cubs; so we had to get to one of the games. I have friends that live in Chicago and did not even let them know that I was in town because the real reason for the trip was to ultimately propose to her.

Wrigley Field

Stub Story- Wrigley Field

The weather in Chicago was great on our trip…except game day. There was a slight rain, so we ended up having to stop at a Walgreens (which are everywhere) to pick up some rain ponchos. The rain was not going to stop one of my first trips to Wrigley Field! We got off the “L” at the Addison stop and while walking to the stadium, ran into a bunch of my college buddies who came in from Minnesota to go to the game. Imagine the surprise for both them and I! We quickly went off on our own way and I later texted them to let them know that I was proposing later that night, so they didn’t think I was trying to avoid them.

After starting the game in a slight drizzle the clouds parted about midway through the game. There were lots of Twins fans there as it was one of Minnesota’s first trips to Wrigley since inter league play was introduced. I would say that the cheers for Joe Mauer were more than that of any Cubs player. Later that night I took my girlfriend (now wife) on a fireworks dinner cruise. I proposed to her on the top level of the boat looking back to Navy Pier. She said yes, and this month (July) we will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. We now have two beautiful daughters (with Harper being born last month) and are loving every moment watching them grow. When I say that this stub has many meanings to me and my family, this was the day my family started. How awesome is that?

In case you were wondering, Twins 2, Cubs 0.

Taking your first trip to Wrigley Field? Here are some tips.

  • If buying tickets in advance, be sure to check the location of the poles that hold up the second deck. There are many obstructed views at Wrigley. I used this resource when selecting my seats: click here
  • Box seats are located in front of the poles. Reserved seats are located behind the poles. If you are getting bleacher seats during the regular season, they are unassigned so the sooner you get there, the better your seat (gates open 2 hours before game time). Bleacher seats are assigned during the post season.
  • Seat numbering at Wrigley Field is a little different. When facing the field, seats on the left side of a section start at 101 and seats on the right side of the section start at 1. Example: If a “section” had 8 seats, the numbering of seats from left to right would be 101, 102, 103, 104, 4, 3, 2, 1. Numbers 101-104 would be considered one “section” and seats 1-4 would be considered a different “section” even though they are not divided in the middle (seats 104 & 4).
  • I always take the “L” (Red Line) to go to either of the Chicago ballparks. After the game there can be lots of congestion, so I normally head over to one of the many restaurants in the area to grab a quick bite or drink which helps alleviate dealing with the mob. You can also walk to the Sheridan stop (if heading south) and get on there to get on before everyone at the Addison stop.
  • Enjoy the friendly confines!

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