Leather Head’s Lemon Ball- Red Stitching


This original LEMON BALL™ Baseball is made from Genuine Horween Glove tan leather. Expensive and desired by makers of high end leather goods, Glove Tan leather has a beautiful patina and an seductive aroma.

LEMON BALL™ baseballs are classic baseballs inspired by the original lemon peel style base ball from the early 19th Century.

A versatile ball, LEMON BALL baseballs are perfectly suited for many outdoor ball games including: baseball, stickball, street ball, pepper, town ball, vintage base ball and more.

  • Assembled in the historical accurate “lemon peel” style
  • Slightly smaller and softer than modern regulation baseballs
  • Collectable quality, but intended to withstand rigors of play
  • Made in the United States (New Jersey)
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