Sports…I’ve always loved sports. Whether playing or watching; nothing beats being at the game. As a boy, I did the traditional collecting of sports cards; trying to snag an autograph when I had good enough seats to get close. I remember keeping score of baseball games at home in a regular notebook while listening to the game on the radio. No, I’m not that old that there were not televised games, but just old enough that we only got the local telecasts with a national game on the weekend. I grew up when the Dunk Contest was actually good. All Star Saturday night was a “holiday” to spend with teammates at one of our homes and loading up on Mountain Dew and Doritos. Times were great.

As time goes on, you outgrow most of the activities that gave you enjoyment in youth. All of those treasures you saved haven’t really amounted to much, as the going rate for your 1987 Topps set hasn’t appreciated as much as you thought it would have. You don’t have the time to keep score; let alone watch an entire game, as work projects flood and occupy most of your brain and with the advent of technology you are attached at the hip to your work/email. The Mountain Dew becomes far too sweet and sugary and you wonder how you ever drank it in the first place. You get married and those sports treasures become “you want to hang that up there”?

Enter Bleacher League Sports. I wanted to bring together a great collection of visually appealing, high quality sports items. I have sought out and formed partnerships with some of today’s great artisans of sport. Whether it be your first game at a Stadium, or an artifact of a place and time that once was; these well designed pieces can bring you back to your days as a child. These are pieces for the well-designed man cave. They are of high quality, American Made and can be placed in your office or even in a place of prominence at your home. They can be placed in your child’s room to start their love and passion for sport. In speaking with and cultivating the relationships with these artists, they hold that same passion for the game. All of these pieces brought that excitement of sport back to me and I wanted to share them and offer them to you! I’d rather have these beautiful works of art in my home than going back to drinking the Mountain Dew!


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Michael Theisen, Collector in Chief